Zombie Apocalypse Guide

I was thinking that since everyone loves thinking about Zombie Apocalypse lets make a guide for ourselves. (I will add it to the list)

Skills to know:
2)How to fly a helicopter
3)How to fly a plane
4)How to sail

What women REALLY mean when they say a guy’s hot

When women say a GUY is hot…. they’re not talking about the shape of his body or face. More often than not, they’re talking about how he carries himself.

Women decide who they like based on what they feel.

They’re highly tuned into the signals a man’s body language is giving off...

"There’s just something about him"

...you’ve heard that before, right?

THAT is the power of body language. And once you learn how to give off that sexual energy yourself, you can hack her brain and make her yours.

And who better to teach you than a hot woman?

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Items to have:
1)Chainsaw Hand
3) reliable flashlight
4)AK 47 with magazines and extra ammo

Places to hold up:
1) Wal-Mart

People to have with you:
1)Bruce Campbell
2)Fat guy for a decoy

1)Don’t hesitate shooting an infected member of the group.

Please remember to have fun and if it is already on the list find another thing to post remember we need lots of ideas and please don’t feel limited to expanding on your ideas. Pictures and graphs/diagrams welcome.