You thought you had a bad day!

So i was waiting for the last train to catch in order to make my job interview which i was very desperate for, i was nervous and the more i thought about staring blankly at a board of three confused faces asking me simple questions the worse it got, i got butterflies in my stomach, then i felt an overwhelming urge the fart. I convinced myself it was down to nerves and checked nobody was in the vicinity, then i farted.

that is where the problems begin, i farted so hard that i concequently shit my pants, im not talking about just a little bit of log, im talking about a full on coating of diarreaha. my brand new designer trousers were completely filled with shit and so where my pants, the train was due in five minutes so i had to think quickly.

It then occured to me that there is a small shop inside the train station which sells menswear.

so i ran to the menswear shop ran up to the counter and said to the man “i dont have much time get me something to slip into medium size! hurry ill pay anything!”

so the man quickly takes action, he runs into the back grabs the nearest suitable thing that matches what i was wearing and puts it all in a bag, i finish paying for it, and run to the train just in time before it leaves.

I decide before i sit down i should probably change into my new trousers, i open the bathroom door on the train and ensure the door is securely locked, because trust me, nobody wanted to see this, i unzipped and peeled away my soiled trousers and underpants, i figured putting them in the bin isnt an option as its outside the toilets so i decided to just stuff them out of the window. i then use a whole reel of toilet paper to clean myself as much as possible so i dont smell of shit.

then i proceed to open the bag only to find that i was sold a jacket.

I didnt get the job.

images - you thought you had a bad day!