WSOP: Maint Event winner risk to lose $6,2 million in tax

Who don’t know, few days ago Peter Eastgate won 9 million in World Series of Poker main event.

winner - wsop: maint event winner risk to lose $6,2 million in tax

But here’s the irony:

“According to Danish law and some tax experts, Peter Easgate might have to pay 45% tax on $500,000 and 75% tax on the rest of the winnings after that he won over 9 million dollars for the 1st place in WSOP Maint Event a few days ago.

Peter Eastgate was well aware of the high tax he had to pay if he stayed in Denmark and therefore he decided to move to England before the final table was played.

Now its up to the Danish tax department to decide if he have been living abroad long enough not to pay tax in Denmark.”

Oh man living in Denmark sucks!!!