Written Portraits: Facebook IRL

We know that all of you spend time on Facebook often, but could you imagine that real facebooks exist?

Every country is interested in the international popularization of their culture. Netherlands are interested in it as well, and one of the organizations to promote Dutch culture worldwide is CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature).
Each year this organization runs the Dutch Book Week – a massive literature event dedicated to a specific genre. In 2011 the Dutch Book Week was dedicated to biographies and autobiographies. That year CPNB introduced unusual volumetric books created especially for the event. Each face-shaped book shows a person whose biography is written inside.

geschreven portretten

Only four people deserved an honour to introduce Dutch biographical literature in such a creative way. They all made a huge impact on world culture. Geschreven Portretten-series includes the biographies of Anne Frank – Jewish victim of the Holocaust who spent most of her life in Amsterdam, Persian-Dutch writer Kader Abdolah, Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh and famous Dutch football player and manager Louis van Gaal.

Anne Frank.

anna frank

Kader Abdolah.

Vincent van Gogh.

van gogh

Louis van Gaal.

Maybe this post is a sign that you should waste less time on Facebook and go read a book instead? 😉