Worst Inventions Ever

These have to be some of the worst invention ideas in history – or possible ideas! Do you know or can you think of others? If so, post them.

Glow in the dark combat uniform.

Battery powered battery charger.

Pay-as-you-go toilet

The phone autodialer that makes telemarketing possible.

Reality TV shows

Lingerie in plus sizes

Re-usable toilet paper

Black highlighter

See-through body-bags

Night goggles with U.V. protection

Ham-flavored massage lotion

Atomic/Nuclear weapons

Pedal-powered wheel chair

Solar-powered flashlight

Dog sweaters

Evil lawn gnomes


Segway scooter

Anti-vampire collar

Hamburger earmuffs.

Zit colored blemish makeup

Cans with those dimple push things instead of those ring pull things

Single ply toilet paper

Brail instructions on the drive-thru ATM.