World Cup 2014 Predictor!

Hello ladies & gentlemen and welcome to this football world cup predictor! In this game you will be ranking every country participating in the world cup from 1-32; with 32 being the team you think will win the tournament, and 1 being who you think are the worst country taking part and least likely to win.

The rank that you give each country will act as a multiplier and can get you points later on in the game as the world cup unfolds. Each match that is played has the potential for you to gain points, and the number of points available on each match is as shown here:

Group matches: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
Round of 16: 10 points
Quarter final: 25 points
Semi final: 50 points
Third-fourth place play off: 30 points
Final: 100 points
A loss or failure to progress to the next round does not reward any points.

The scoring works therefore, by multiplying the rank that you have given each country (from 1-32) by the points each country gains for each match they play. For example, if you rank Brazil as 32 which is the top possible, and they win their opening group match, which is worth 3 points; 32 x 3 = 96. That one match would gain you 96 points. If on Brazil's next match, they only manage a draw, then you would get 32 x 1 = 32 points; and so on..

Your overall score will therefore be worked out by adding up all of the points, from all of the games played, by all 32 countries. So there are a lot of points up for grabs!

To enter this competition you will need to write down your entry of 1-32 for each country, and then i will record it on this excel document:
(Once i've seen & recorded it, i'll delete your response, so less people will be able to copy your entry)
game image

This is an example entry, and it is simply the bookies order of who they think will win.

All entries must be submitted by Sunday 8th June - 4 days before the first match kicks off!

If you have any questions about anything or are wondering more how the game will work, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best of luck to all, and lets have some fun with this!

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    Anyone up for this? I guess not
    It's a shame, but ah well, not the biggest problem in the world :P

    I'm running it with my friends, about 25 people have entered so far, and i'm also doing it with another online group i know, admittedly the other site is specifically about football, so interest is a lot higher :P

    But if no one does this, then at least it's less work for me :P
    Last chance guys/gals?

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