Windows 7

So, Windows 7 took forever to install, but it was definitely worth the wait from what I can see so far… lets at least look at the first obvious difference from it and Vista….

7 desktop - windows 7

The task bar has changed alot, all the windows are now smaller and have larger icons. The task bar is also clear and you can see the desktop through it. The start menu didn’t change much from Vista, but it has been a little bit more streamlined. The button on the bottom right of the task bar is the show desktop button. Hovering the mouse over will make all windows clear like the task bar and clicking the button minimizes all windows. Another example of things being see through on 7 is that when a window is maximized, the title bar is still clear unlike in Vista when it would become opaque.

A very small amount of visual enhancements have been made as well. For instance, the buttons on the task bar that represent each individual window will show a glowing light directly underneath the mouse while it goes over. The start button lights up more dramatically as well.

Some user-interface changes have been made, such as the “show hidden icons” button brings up a small window where the hidden icons are. The one that isn’t so obvious, but everybody knows about is the snap feature where dragging the window to either the extreme left or right will cause the map to “snap” into position on the respective side of the screen. This is useful for comparing two windows at the same time without constantly resizing each window.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Microsoft and there are apparently apps that you can download to help improve Windows. If you have any questions, ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer. 🙂