why i should not be left alone for too long on omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: heyy
You: hows it going?
Stranger: hey
Stranger: nice
You: how are the kids?
Stranger: they cried
You: you kill the black one yet?
Stranger: you left them
Stranger: not yet
Stranger: but i will
Stranger: to noise
You: well i left bc you cheated on me
Stranger: -.-
Stranger: i dodnt
Stranger: *didnt
You: then how did you have a black baby
You: ???
Stranger: you left and take some money
You: i only took what was mine
Stranger: i took him brom dustbin
You: oh
You: :/
You: im sorry baby
Stranger: *from
Stranger: why ?
You: i thought you cheated on me and thats why i left
Stranger: i do believe you
You: can you forgive me?
Stranger: but thats not true
Stranger: :'(
You: whats not true?
Stranger: -.-
Stranger: stll sad
You: i love you
Stranger: i can kill the black one if you want
You: do you want to kill it?
Stranger: your words always melt me
You: all i want is for you to be happy
Stranger: “IT”?
You: the black one
Stranger: but you left me
Stranger: still waiting here
You: i know, and im sorry about that
Stranger: why dont you say “im sorry for the tears i made you cried”?
Stranger: -.-
You: i never meant to hurt you baby, i never wanted to make you cry
You: i love you and i always will
Stranger: so come back soon
You: okay, ill come back for you, ive missed you soo much
You: does this mean you forgive me?
Stranger: :’)
Stranger: 🙂
You: 🙂
Stranger: yea. but do not say that you have another woman!
You: i dont baby, your the only one for me
Stranger: except me!!!
Stranger: :))
You: i want you and only you
Stranger: aha!
You: there has never been another woman but you
Stranger: so come back
Stranger: come back
You: i will baby
Stranger: come back
Stranger: soon!!!
You: where are you?
Stranger: homie
You: okay ill come back to you as soon as i can
Stranger: 🙂
You: i cant wait to see your beautiful smile again
Stranger: 🙂
Stranger: i cant wait to hold your arm again
Stranger: :’)
You: i miss holding you throughout the night
Stranger: put my head on your shoulder
You: running my hand thru your soft hair
Stranger: you always eraese my tears with your soft hands
You: aww baby
Stranger: aww too honey
You: ill always be there to wipe away your tears
Stranger: :’)
Stranger: you know i cant live without u
You: ill be there for you always and forever
You: and i cant live without you either
Stranger: we married without the agreement from my parents
Stranger: im still 16
You: we dont need your parents agreement all we need is our love
Stranger: im not cheating
You: i know that now
You: im sorry i ever thought that you were
You: im here baby
Stranger: i killed this black kid
Stranger: the police will look for me
You: okay baby 🙂
Stranger: OMG!
You: well run away
Stranger: i wont you in trouble
You: and be together
Stranger: just run
Stranger: no
You: im not leaving you again
Stranger: if we are together
Stranger: you’ll come to the jail
Stranger: but i wont you to stay in the jail with me
You: we can run away to canada together
Stranger: aww!!
You: well start a whole new life
Stranger: then what will we do?
You: well spend our lifes together
Stranger: i dont need big house
Stranger: yes
You: good 🙂
Stranger: till die?
You: yea untill we die, well stay together forever
Stranger: and ?
You: and then our souls will meet again in heaven
Stranger: 😀
You: 😀
Stranger: you are my GREAT HUSBAND!!
Stranger: :’)
You: and you are the best wife a guy could ask for
Stranger: aww!
Stranger: ><
You: there is no one better than you
Stranger: miss you so much
Stranger: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You: i miss you to babyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Stranger: where are you now?
You: in New York
Stranger: what should i do with this died kid?
Stranger: what???
You: just burry it in the back yard
Stranger: ok, brb
Stranger: 1 sec
Stranger: 2 sec
Stranger: 3
You: okay
Stranger: 4
Stranger: 5
Stranger: 6
Stranger: 7
Stranger: 8
Stranger: 9
Stranger: i finished
You: okay baby
You: i missed you every second you were gone
Your conversational partner has disconnected.