Why is outer space so beautiful?

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An 86milehigh volcanic plume explodes above the horizon of Jupiters moon 4409×2362

Another Costa Rica night sky includes volcano OC1920x1278

another costa rica night sky includes volcano

A quotsupermassivequot star hundreds of times larger than our sun surrounded by obscuring outflowing gas 4000×2666

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A thunderhead the Moon and Venus taken last week from Spain 3000×2000

Been told this belongs here my first attempt at our galaxy in Costa Rica 2581×1721

Cassini image of Saturn eclipsing the Sun 4725×2330

cassini image saturn eclipsing sun

Chile From Space 1400 x 927

chile from space

Clearest pic of Mercury you have ever seen 1178 x 1080

Dust blows over Somalia into the Indian Ocean from AstroKarenN 1024 x 679

dust blows somalia into indian ocean from astrokarenn

First Photo of Earth from the Moon taken by Lunar Orbiter 1 on August 23 1966 600×450

Jupiter Venus and the Moon above Los Angeles 1280 x 854

jupiter venus moon above los angeles

Milky Way over Australia 900×602 OC

milky way australia

Milky Way over one of Floridas Last Remaining DarkSky Beaches OC2200X1467

Milky Way over the Colorado Rockies Take Two OC1024X629

milky way colorado rockies take two

Milkyway over the forest 1600×1068

Milky Way over the Rocky Mountains at 11000 Feet OC2500X1340

milky way rocky mountains feet

Milky way over Yosemite 2049×1000 OS

milky way yosemite

Milky Way Through a Derelict Pier in Florida 756×1200

NASA Releases Image of Earth from Beyond Saturn Taken by Cassini on July 19 2013 19201080

nasa releases image earth from beyond saturn cassini

New amazing views of the north polar hexagon and myriad storms of Saturn 1016×1016

Orions Belt 1509×935

orions belt

Our galaxy and some lightning over Greece 1000×667 OS

galaxy lightning greece

Saturns Southern Aurora taken 18102013 OS1024576

Silhouette of the space shuttle Endeavour 6048×4032

silhouette space shuttle endeavour

Starry Night on the Coast of Maine 2048×1952

Still Summer Night at Floridas Darkest Beach Shired Island FL OC577X1000

summer night floridas darkest beach shired island

Storms over Southern California with lightning and city lights visible through the clouds Courtesy of the crew of Expedition 36 aboard the International Space Station 1643×2468

storms southern california lightning city lights visible through clouds courtesy crew

Stunning photograph of the ISS with docked Endavour in front of the Sun 1216×809

That little dot near Saturns rings is Earth 2766×1364

little dot near saturns rings earth

The best seat in the house NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy snaps pictures of earth with a 400mm lens 2832×4256

The Butterfly Nebula with its 3 light year wingspan 2560×1024

butterfly nebula light year wingspan

The Flood Plains of Mars 2000 x 1294

flood plains mars

The heart of the Milky Way 1280×640

The huge storm churning through the atmosphere in Saturns northern hemisphere overtakes itself as it encircles the planet in this truecolour view from Cassini spacecraft 1015×1015

huge storm churning through atmosphere saturns northern hemisphere overtakes encircles planet

The ISS in orbit 1920×1080

The Milky Way spreads upward from these tress at Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe The golden glow is from city lights across the lake 1670×1106 photo by Bill Currier

milky way spreads upward from these tress sand harbor lake tahoe

The visible Universe in one photo 10000 x 5000

visible universe photo

This is Phobos one of Mars moons passing directly in front of the sun as seen by Curiosity rover 768×768

this just amazes me 5000×2500

this just amazes me 5000x2500 - why is outer space so beautiful?

Two crescents Venus and the Moon 1024×768

Two decades ago astronomers spotted one of the brightest exploding stars in more than 400 years Since that first sighting the doomed star called Supernova 1987A has continued to fascinate astronomers with its spectacular light show 1600×1200

two decades ago astronomers spotted brightest exploding stars years first sighting

Very fresh 3kilometer diameter impact crater on Mars 1280×960

fresh kilometer diameter impact crater mars

Victoria crater Mars 19201200

Vincent van Goghs quotStarry Nightquot made from about 3500 Hubble images OS 4400×3600

vincent van goghs quotstarry nightquot made from hubble images

Wow Japans satellite Hinode captures Venus beginning its transit 1247×845