Who else is tired of really lame posts?

Okay so i can understand if your new to Sharenator and not exactly sure what to post, and you end up posting something stupid just to get points… But heres the thing when you get to first place in points guess what? You don’t get any prize mo fucka this site is made for sharing correct? which if you Google to find the definition of sharing your might receive something like “Sharing- using or ENJOYING something jointly with others” NOTICE how it says ENJOYING… You know what I don’t enjoy? When people post a random ass pic of a dead chicken and expect to get actual points off of it. People people people nobody give a shit about a dead chicken, now if it was a dead chicken with a head of a lizard that wouldn’t be as bad, but it’s still kind of lame :/ So here are a couple of tips for either you new Sharenators or maybe just some dumb bitches that like to press the new post button every time they get on..

Tip 1- Don’t post just because your bored, because chances are you’ll post something lame and everybody will hate you…

sdf - who else is tired of really lame posts?

Tip 2- Nobody likes to see reposts so do a simple key word search at the top right of your screen at the least, and then maybe people won’t hate you as much.

12312 - who else is tired of really lame posts?

Tip 3- Try to make if any thing a decent post, take your time trust me it will get you to that prize less number 1 spot much quicker.

12312331 - who else is tired of really lame posts?

Hey guys look its a line that curves haha give me points… What not do to 🙂

Tip 4- Do some damn research on your topic before you just post the more time you take on it the better it should be. 🙂

vas - who else is tired of really lame posts?

I hope this post is helpful to all, now goodnight and good luck lol 🙂