where do we go after the inevitable?

With the passing of NDAA and the inevitable votes of PIPA and SOPA, I want to know what side you stand on and what you thing will happen.

I wouldn't ask without answering for myself. With the recent passing of NDAA I am looking at expatriation, because I can do more from across an ocean than I can on the front. I look at SOPA and PIPA as something that will start a cyber war that I will without doubt be involved in. The Death Panel stood at the side of corporations against the occupy wall street protests as it was in our best interests to. We fight for our interests and if our hands our forced we know our targets and have been preparing to turn on the hands that once fed us.

So that's where I stand and what path I may take. Now I want to know yours, where do you stand on these and what actions will you take?

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    If there's a revolution, I'll join in. If not, I might try to start one. 'Nuff said.

    • Ertrov
    • January 3, 2012, 12:56 pm
    Welcome to the beginning of the end.
    - triclebickle January 20, 2012, 10:21 pm
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    i will fight for the people. not for the side that looks to suppress those who need help. large industry is not the way to go. rather than dictators and tyrants ruling us i foresee business ruling this world, industry taking the power not just from the people but from the governments as well. the government will remain as a tool to control the masses, the people, the money. we must be able to live free our selves and not become one with the biggest entity. because only then will we be free. i will fight for the peoples rights when the time comes. the side that looks to protect that which we have not strip it down for a cheep buck, but the side that will look to the future and look to preserve all that we still have. so that one day we don't have to worry about what we do to the earth. so that one day our world will be safe for all to live

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    Truth be told, I find it hard to pity the American people. They should have been paying attention as soon as the patriot act was signed. If they'd been up in arms about that (as they should have been) no gov't would even try to pass NDDA. The fact is, the majority of your population didn't bother to look for the signs or make informed choices at the voting booths. Most people just got high on fear after 9/11, not understanding that the US is a bigger threat to itself than Al-Qaeda could ever be. Many people probably have no idea what this even is, or won't until they end up arrested. Enough of America was selfish and ignorant. Now you're paying the price.

    There will be no rebellion, you're forgetting what you're fighting here. What group of civilians could even hold their own against the US gov't? Navy Seals, Marines, predator drones, helicopters, F22 jets. You're fucked unless the military turns on the US gov't and it's corporate overlords.

    As for SOPA, it was always a bullshit law. Corporations can already file copyright claims and law suites to protect their stuff, outside of fair use. Either way, the internet is a vague place. It's hard to impose laws on it, especially this one.

    Long story short, I've never been more relieved to be living in Canada. I'm hoping SOPA doesn't migrate north. But like lDeidaralKun said, since most sites are based in the US anyways, we'll feel the effects regardless.

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    The people of America are largely complacent and passive. Their will be no rebellion, unless these bills effect everything the majority of the population does.

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    SOPA? Ridiculous. Awful. PIPA? Honestly, slightly better, but still unnacceptable. The NDAA? The government had the power to detain and ASSASSINATE American citizens already (see Al-Awlaki), I take more issue with other sections of the NDAA.... But it's a perfect example of our current governmental problem.

    Our government is supposed to be a competitive two party system, with both sides having different but equally reasonable positions- both, in a way, checking the other's crazy. However, as it currently stands? The median of Republican belief is right in between "what the hell" and "bat shit crazy," while the Democrats, despite being more sane, don't have the power, support or in some cases (not necessarily Obama's though) the balls to oppose the will of the Republicans. Both of these problems are equally damaging to the American political scene.

    Finally, after a substantial amount of time with no governmental sanity, we finally are seeing the consequences.

    Furthermore, with the amount of money funneled into political campaigns, the system is bound to be broken.

    Call to action? VOTE. Not nearly enough people do this. CONTACT your congressmen/representatives, if they aren't painfully aware of what their constituents think, they won't even consider it. EDUCATE yourself. So many people fought against the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, etc without reading the text of the bill. All action is much more effective when it has evidentiary backing. BE REALISTIC- this is the last and one of the most important points. You are angry and in need of revolution- so enact it. But we can't successfully overtake a country using violence when that country spends more on defense than most countries have at all. However, we can utilize our own campaign strategies- think how quickly the STRONG Ad ruined Perry's campaign? No one saw that crap on TV, it blew up on the Internet- THE INTERNET, with no campaign money, ended a politician's presidential run. Use this. It's our only chance. Good job protecting it, team.

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    People think living in a different country will save them from SOPA and the NDDA. Well, in case you have been malinformed, the US controls about every aspect of the internet. All of the major websites that stream in hundreds of millions, even billions, of visitors are stationed in America. If we lose access to those websites, there will be absolutely no reason to keep them running.

    The internet itself will die, and it will be gone forever is SOPA is passed. If we do rebel, and overthrow the govt we have now, and replace it with one that will treat the law as it was formed almost 200 years ago, the internet will be tattered, and it will take a LONG time to return it to its current state... which might not even be possible.

    Leaving the nation is the best way to avoid NDAA, SOPA will reach as far the internet does. We will never lose full access even if we have to lay the foundation for cyber freedom brick by brick it will be done, the internet cannot be killed only hidden. The companies responsible will start a bloodless war that will only destroy them giving us access to all they held. Politics now can only be purged in a bath of fire through bombs and bullets will that be done.
    - triclebickle January 3, 2012, 4:01 pm
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    i thought this was going to be about zombies with that umbrella corp. logo, bloody false advertising >:( but anyway, my opinion is that people will find a way around these bills if they ever get approved in the first place. there is such a massive opposition to this whole situation and it's guaranteed that there are powerful and persuasive enough people to flip this thing on it's head. i have all the respect and support for the right people opposing the wrong oppression. the internet as it is today will prevail

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    I fight for the internet. I know SOPA and PIPA have good intentions, but evil in the name of good is still evil. Why don't people downloading stuff for free just pay for it like everyone else and stop being a bum? It's those guys that are making everyone suffer. Also, this law goes against our American Rights!
    If this law does get passed, I say we get as many people as possible to sign petitions and take them to the White House.

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    There's more to life than the Internet people. Not downplaying any of this, but I find it disappointing how most people ignore everything else. It's good that people are starting to realize corruption is everywhere and Congress is flawed, but don't just take a stand because it is now starting to directly affect YOU. Take a stand because it is not right.

    The NDAA has nothing to do with the internet.
    - Ertrov January 22, 2012, 1:06 am
    The NDAA did not get half the publicity as SOPA and PIPA and now ACTA will get.
    - Jjbigscreeners January 22, 2012, 2:54 pm
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    WOW this post has got people to type more than 2-10 words!
    This could be a sharenator first! :3

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    This whole thread is full of tl;dr

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