When did we stop dreaming?

when did we stop wondering if there was something more out there? when did we stop becoming curious about the world around us? when did we stop pushing our limits and forget our curiosity about not just the mysteries of our world but the universe in which we live? when did we give up on our dreams of leaving this world?
we have the chance to explore new planets, to push the boundaries of what is know, to move beyond what we once thought we were capable of. yet we squander this chance on the political troubles of a world so wrapped up in itself that it can’t see the opportunity we have been presented with.
lets take those chances and those risks. lets move beyond that which we know to worlds beyond ours and lets push the limits of our knowledge to new and more incredible heights.
let us move beyond that which we know for humans curiosity has been the driving force to the new ages in which our ancestors once lived. and it is the driving force which has lead us to this new age, the age of man, the age of information, the digital era. and it is that curiosity that can lead us into the next great age of man, the space age.
lets remember that curiosity and forget about these mundane lives we have become so content to know. lets achieve the greatness we all know lies within us and reignite that dying spark of curiosity. lets remember what makes us human and push forward into a universe that calls to our greatness.
let us become more than just a brief spark of life, and become that which we have only dreamed of.
let us live that dream once more and push our final frontier.