whats your fav wepon on black ops zombies?

mine is the skull crusher i got to round 12 with it. i love that gun now even though i only use it once. it’s basecly the m16 automatic with a grenade lancher and extra damige.

800px skullcrusher - whats your fav wepon on black ops zombies?

i also like the bowie knife im great with it because i have amazing knife skills

fuck yeah

and i have a chalenge for everyone who ever gets past round 12 on zombies alone gets 50% of my next post.
can play hard core rock music.
must be on kino der toten
pack a punch allowed
sry but you must have picture prove on the screen that pops up after you die the sceen can not be changeing to were its a black backround
and a tip pratice useing only your knife for the first 3 rounds i can do it till 4 can you. this really improves you skill and gets you more money in the game