What windows is your favorite?

XP? Vista? or Windows 7? You don’t have to uprate it if you don’t want to this is just kind of like a survey because me and a couple of my good friends were arguing i know nerds right? lol well my favorite would have to be windows 7 because of the tool bar and all the easy key commands and what not but it also has a big problem playing a lot of games but besides that I like it a lot 🙂

Here I have put some videos up for each one hope you like them I did not watch all of the windows 7 one because I already own it so ya 🙂

(Windows Vista)

(Windows 7)

(Windows XP)

Hope ya like it and just leave your opinion you will not be judged and if somebody judges somebody just down rate them or something :p
Again if you didn’t read above this is just a survey 🙂