What The F*** Is Wrong With You Guys?

Alright, so let’s get started. I am sure you are wondering to yourself why the piss I have you all gathered here. Well, it is to let you know that I am displeased by your conduct. As many of you know there is a new member, Lexcabba, on Sharenator. I have read the seen the way you guys reacted to her 2 posts. I agree, her content is lackluster and her grammar atrocious. However, this is not means to poke fun at her or shun her. She is new, it will take some time for her to understand the site and what posting is really about. I know I have been gone from Sharenator for a bit, but is this really what the community has sunk to? Is it now our agenda to gang up on new members and make them feel like hell for their postings? Get it together, people. What happened to the days when we all welcomed new members to the site and helped them in understanding the order of operations? I know if I would have received this same “greeting” when I first joined I would have quit then. Get your heads out of your asses and be the good people of Sharenator I once knew.