What is the sickest situation you’ve been in?

tell me your story of the sickest situation youve been in and dont be shy for me i had a friend that had to much to drink he was like 10x the legal limit and im sure he had alcohol poisoning also but he refused to go anywhere so for the rest of the night i made sure to keep an eye on him well 1:00 in the morning and we are still partying i start to here roberts( MY Drunk Friend) stomach starts to growl and make strange bowl movements i didnt think anything of it but it kept on going on and i asked him yo rob are you ok and hes like “naaa man i dont feel that good and at that second he goes to run ( stumble) to the bathroom he makes it but trips into the tub so i chase after him to see if hes ok and at that time hes shitting himself im mean volcanic explosive shit and then he starts puking and he starts yelling awwwwwww this suuuucks this went on for about 15 minutes and after that i just told him to step in the shower with your clothes on and rinse your self off with cold water and then of course we all helped clean up and that was the sickest shit ive been through….