What can fit inside a C-5 Galaxy?

One thing you need to know about this aircraft: it’s huge!

c 5 galaxy - what can fit inside a c-5 galaxy?

c5 galaxy - what can fit inside a c-5 galaxy?
The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy has the largest lift capacity of any US transport aircraft, and the 3rd largest in the world. It is able to carry 122 tons on 2 decks, lower deck for cargo and the upper deck has seating for 73 passengers. It is a monster, but that is hard to put into perspective.
armored vehicle
A C-5 Galaxy can hold 10 light armored vehicles, which at 12 tons each, aren't very light at all. But lets get a bit more ambitious.
apache helicopter
An Apache helicopter gunship is formidable weapon of war, and the C-5 can carry 6 of them. But empty of fuel and munitions they are fairly light, so lets get heavy.
battle tank inside plane
An M1 Abrams main battle tank weighs 67 tons, and this monster aircraft can carry two of them. Or 1 Abrams and 2 Bradley IFVs. That's all well and good, but what if you want a transport aircraft in your transport aircraft?
transport helicopter inside
The C-5 can swallow an entire Chinook transport helicopter inside it. But what if you want to transport 30mm depleted uranium shells at 1000+m/s into enemy armour?
a 10 warthog - what can fit inside a c-5 galaxy?
Then you'll need one of these. A Galaxy can carry an A-10 Warthog, abet with the wings and tail detached, to wherever you need it to be. But an A-10 is pretty slow, so what if you want to go fast?
f 14 - what can fit inside a c-5 galaxy?
An F-14 is quite a bit faster than an A-10, and can fit nicely in the C-5's belly. But just in case you need to bail out over the water, it might be a good idea to bring a boat.
special operations boat
A Mark 5 Special Operations boat might be what you want. An entire boat is impressive, but for the finale we need to go really meta...
transport aircraft can carried
The fuselage of a C-130 transport aircraft can be carried around by this monster of the skies.

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    wow!! Had no idea, sure seems more impressive when you see what it can carry, rather than just hear about how much weight it can carry.

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