Welcome new Sharenators!(not-so-new Sharenators too!)

Hello new recruits! I, lordliz1, just wanted to say hi to all the new Sharenators out there and tell them:

– There are a LOT of good posts on here(there is UNLIMITED funny pics, a TON of Cyanide and Happiness-Those are my personal favorite, about 9 million FAIL pics, and much MUCH more!!!.).

– Some of the people on here are deliberately being mean. Just ignore them. Or change your screen name. 😛

– Posting a lot of stuff on here will make you have more points. Points get you to higher ranks.

– Anything you need to know, you can always ask Sharenator allies.;.

– If you are sensitive to cussing, get used to it. Sharenator is FULL of it. Sorry. Deal with it.

– Mozilla Firefox is best if you want to play Flash games.

– If you put ‘My First Post’ or something of that nature, more people will click on it. Probably to see if it’s any good.;D