Weird person on omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Hey
Stranger: horny?(;
You: No…
You: Lol
Stranger: fuck you
You: No thanks
You: I’m good (:
Stranger: your cool, no one wants to talk to a 14 yr old
You: Noone wants to talk to a horny wanker who obviously has no luck in real life so they have to use this website. And I’m 16 good sir.
Stranger: well act your age, and look who’s talking? I may try to find ppl here but I can admit and you cnt cuz your on the webcite too(:
You: I’m on the website to talk to people, it’s intended use.
You: Sooo. Yeahhhh…
Stranger: becuz you got no life
You: I believe I do. If I didn’t have a life how would I be talking to you right now?
Stranger: what a smart ass, don’t go playing tricks on me. act your age and not your shoe size. or beat it(:
You: I am indeed a smartarse, but atleast I’m not a pathetic twat. And as for acting my age I believe I do, children don’t act like this they’d just go “FAGGOT” and disconnect
You: I’m suprised you haven’t gone back to your desperate attempt at finding somebody yet.
Stranger: how would you know children wud do that? oh becuz you are one and I dnt becuz I found one., under my bed(;
You: I know children do that because that’s what children do. And as the person under your bed why don’t you get with them rather than someone on here?
You: How old are you then if it pleases you calling me a child?
Stranger: your annoying, and im 30, I hate teens your age becuz they think they are the boss of everyone. hunny, get a life and don’t think your the shit because your not
You: I don’t think I’m at all the boss of anyone, I treat other people the same as I’d like to be treated if they deserve it. And that’s rather pathetic that you’re 30 and on this website looking for somebody.
Stranger: bitch ima
Stranger: birch dnt fuck with me, you cnt every
Stranger: wven
Stranger: get
Stranger: a
Stranger: man
Stranger: to
Stranger: love
Stranger: on
Stranger: you
Stranger: loser
Stranger: ass
Stranger: widow
Stranger: adios!
You: Haha, this is hilarious. Saying random shit doesn’t make your point any stronger.
You: And I’m not a girl good sir.
Stranger: yes it does(: someone needs a realiity check. and it’s ok your gonna tell all your friends about m becuz you love me. ..that is if you have any
You: It really does not, and I suggest you get your facts straight, it is clear that I do not love you and don’t respect you at all.
Stranger: you do, don’t lie or it makes you ugly. and I think your 1000% sure you love me, bye bffffffffffffffflll<3
You: “don’t lie or it makes you ugly” What is wrong with you?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.