Web Facts on Sharenator!

Sharenator has been around since about June or July of 2007. Since then, it’s grown tremendously. Here are some facts on Sharenator I’ve gathered from a few sites!

Estimated worth $22615.4 USD
Estimated Number of Page Views a Day 9750

Here are the percentages of each Nation’s visitors

United States 36.9%
United Kingdom21.2%
Lithuania 6.6%
India 3.9%
South Africa 3.3%

Most people spend an average 7.2 minutes on the site before leaving it.

Approximately 25% of sharenator page views came from a search engine. That means that about 7500 daily page views come from the people who already know about it. That means that more and more people already know about sharenator, and less are stumbling upon it randomly on the internet!

Well seeing this post has inspired me to update this, since its obvious Sharenator is growing…

As of Feb 2010

Estimated Worth $57,772

Estimated Number of Page Views a Day 25,801

Nationality of Visitors:

United States 45.6%
India 6.2%
United Kingdom 8.8%
Germany 4.5%
Canada 3.9%
Lithuania 3.3%

This is a BIG change in the demographics as to the number of people in the countries listed visiting Sharenator…