Various things under the microscope

The mouth of a tick

mouth tick

An ants arse through an electron microscope

3 Body Language Tips to Make Her Crave You

ants arse through electron microscope

A macrophage a human defense cell seeking to engulf droplets of oil x18000

Aerographite worlds lightest material

aerographite worlds lightest material

A Dangerous Transition a transforming cancer cell 10m

dangerous transition transforming cancer cell

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A thin layer of the underside of a leaf showing the opened and closed stomata

thin layer underside leaf showing opened closed stomata


Cigarette Paper The blue crystals are additives that keep the lit cigarette burning by producing oxygen

Clump of sperm tails where meiosis occurs testes

Computer rendering of an HIV cell infiltrating a macrophage


copepod 1500 x 1000 - various things under the microscope

Electron Microscope image of snowflakes

electron microscope image snowflakes

Eyelash hairs growing from the surface of human skin

Eye organ of a fruit fly larvae

eye organ fruit fly larvae

Fluorescence micrograph of mouse cells showing filamentous actin and microtubules structural proteins

Guitar String under a microscope

guitar string under microscope xpost from rwoahdude

Hibiscus pollen

hibiscus pollen

Ice worms spend their entire lives in glacial ice

Photomicrograph of siliceous marble I took during my optical mineralogy class

photomicrograph siliceous marble took during optical mineralogy class xpost from rgeology

Butterfly Wing Scales


oc pollen 1500x984 - various things under the microscope

Synthetic Diamond

synthetic diamond

Atomic bonds

Salt crystals in evaporated salt water

salt crystals evaporated salt water

Salt crystals of soy sauce

SEM of a bee abdomen Genus Apis

sem bee abdomen genus apis

SEM of Shark Skin

sem shark skin

Snow crystals under a microscope

Snowflake under a microscope

snowflake under microscope riceporn

Sunrise in the Eye The formation of a zebrafishs eye

Tardigrade or water bear

tardigrade water bear

The Drosophila Fruitflys eyes retina gold

drosophila fruitflys eyes retina gold photoreceptor axons blue brain green

The fungus Emericella nidulans is covered by rodlets of the protein hydrophobin which makes the spores waterproof

The Grand Canyonif the Grand Canyon were a microscopic photo of a fracture in a piece of steel

grand canyonif grand canyon microscopic photo fracture piece steel

Thread through a needle