Valentine’s Day…

So today in second period my friend was debating whether he should give a girl he likes a box of chocolates. We were passing notes back and forth via his ipod during a video and talking about it, when he finally tells me to,

“Inspire confidence in me so I can man up and give then to her.”

Well, needless to say, this was too good of an offer to refuse. I spent the next 10 minutes writing this story, trying to make it easier for him. I thought I’d share my story with you.

“You are an alpha male looking around for prey. As you are walking through the forest, you see a beautiful fawn disappear behind the foliage. You run after her and jump through the bushes, and see that she is being attacked by a large mammal. You walk up to it and it turns to you, it’s eyes red and bulging. You jump up into the air, and using your powers given to you by the sun gods summon a fireball with the heat force of 1000 suns, which melts his eyeballs and turns
him to ash. She runs up to you and hugs you, thanking you for what you’ve done. You grip her tightly around the waist and blast off into outer space. You stop at Venus, and with the beauty of the planet in the background, you give her a box of chocolates. She thanks you and you both fly off into deep space.”

After reading that, he decided to give her the box of chocolates.

MORAL OF THE STORY SHARENATOR: Never be afraid to tell someone how you feel, and never under-estimate the power of the sun gods.