Upside - Down House

This cabin-like family home was intentionally built to look upside - down. Constructed as a Russian tourist attraction for the All - Russia Exhibition Center (the VVTs) outside of Moscow, the facade of this house was flipped 180 degrees, placing the roof at street level. It even features a MINI Cooper parked wheels-up on an inverted driveway.

While the entire exterior is turned upside down, a simple staircase - the only right-side up feature in the house - allows guests to enter the architectural illusion from the side.
99e8ee6aa7e165e80dd3eadc7d21428c - upside - down house

The same painstaking details were paid to the interior as well. Bright splashes of color brighten up the rooms are elaborately decorated in bright splashes of color, while couches, tables, beds, wardrobes, and even a full-course lobster detail hang from the paneled ceilings—an elaborate feat of visual trickery that appears to defy gravity.
c95537cbf5a4d6afdc8191aab00ad261 - upside - down house

917f01c75f985cd9000d226bdc8cf37e - upside - down house

To heighten the sleight of hand, press photographs are likewise flipped, giving visitors the appearance of walking on the ceilings.
56517862171b9c2e4ba16db925e36758 - upside - down house

2e3260a149a00221662fe635f0f4988d - upside - down house

9a417a7f1e598ccb067f588da19aca36 - upside - down house

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