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    i'm gonna answer picture 7 about the horcrux.

    The reason the horcrux wasn't destroyed when harry got bit was because unlike the the spell voldemort used the basilisk venom attacks the physical body first. Harry being a living being would have his body attacked by that venom and upon his death the horcrux would subsequently die as well. However the spell that destroyed the horcux was cast against Harrys immediate soul and doesn't rely fully on the harm to his physical body. because harry is also still protected by his mothers final charm (which is still protecting him, remember voldemort can touch him only because he has harry's blood, but the charm is still in effect because the person who it was cast against still lives.) this make me believe that in some way the charm was holding voldemorts fragmented soul at bay and so that it doesn't start to truly leach from who harry is as a person (remember his soul is very powerful and was able to manipulate ginny from within the book. meaning something must be holding that fragment at bay.) with the no physical attack on the soul it's likely that the curse directly attack voldemorts horcrux rather than harry's soul due to the magic of his mothers charm. it's more to do with the technical way that magic works in comparison to poisons. also want to note that that Lily's charm would also explain why not only the soul didn't fight back but why it was never revealed that he held the horcrux in him to begin with. her charm suppresses the horcrux and only lets the bits that harry himself desires to use through. (such as his ability to use parseltounge which he only used when needed. like at the zoo and with the snake in the duel notice he never tried to use parseltounge to control the basilisk even though on a technicality it likely would have listened to him had he tried.) point being that Lily's charm is a waaaaay over looked part of the book and it's lasting effects can be seen in many of the major events that were later reveal. actually screw it i'm making a post on this get ready for some OC! :D

    You sir, should get a giant cookie
    - BlinkBlink April 25, 2014, 8:42 am
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