ok so here’s the deal
i know its hard to be original on sharnator now
so thats what im tring to do

so this post is ment for anyone who wants to share to share
from a bad first date to the best day of your life.
anything an everything that your willing to put on the internet lol

ill start:D

ok so there was this girl. she was pretty cute. at least from the pics i had from my phone. i had gotten her number from my friend an we started talkin an everything. so we arraged to meet in person. turns out she didnt live that far. across a park an down the street from my house. so i get there knock on the door an a girl i know from school opens the door. i get confuzelled.. turns out the number my friend gave me was his ex’s mom..
the sad thing about it is she was pretty cute lol

ok your turn lol share