Top Five Monkey Riddles!

Riddle Five: What looks exactly like a monkey but isn’t a monkey?

Riddle Four: The monkey and the rabbit were having an argument. The rabbit made a bet saying he knows a place where he can sit but the monkey cannot. The monkey agreed to the bet. The rabbit won. What place could the rabbit sit but the monkey could not?

Riddle Three: If one monkey can eat one banana in one minute, how many minutes would it take 100 monkeys to eat 100 bananas?

Riddle Two: You are in a room together with 3 primates: a monkey, a chimp, and an ape. The monkey only knows how to write, the chimp only knows how to talk, and the ape only knows how to solve math problems. Which primate in the room is the smartest?

Riddle One: A monkey walking in the forest falls down a deep hole. The hole is 30 feet deep. Everyday, the monkey jumps up 3 feet and slides down 2 feet. How many days would it take for the monkey to escape the hole? (There is no “trick” answer to this, it can be solved naturally)