Top 10 Strangest Google Maps and Google Street View images

google maps

Google Maps is great for visiting places you’ve never been, driving directions, or searching for strange and usual sightings. We’ve compiled ten of the strangest for your viewing enjoyment after the break.

10. Some Drunk Dude

google maps

When you’ve had 10 too many beers, and thought the lawn was just a larger, greener version of your bed, the Google Street View car is probably the last thing you want driving by. That’s exactly what happened to this drunk Australian dude.

9. House on Fire

You know the local fire department needs to start hiring, when the Google Street View team shows up before they do. This particular house is located on Eagle Point Drive in Sherwood, Arkansas.

8. Earthquake

google maps

Capturing an earthquake in-progress will take more than just a camera-equipped car, so Google turned to their satellites for this amazing image. To check it out yourself, use these coordinates: 16 54’09.12″N 99 58’16.07″W.

7. Firefox

Most crop circles look like random shapes, this logo is recognizable to nearly all internet users: Firefox. It may have been just a weekend project for bored geeks, but it’s a conversation piece that will be remembered for much longer.

6. Band Promotion

google maps

Musicians looking to market themselves should look no further than Google Maps. More specifically, be on the lookout for the Street View car, like the one-man, Canada-based Fear Salesman band.

5. I’ve Fallen and Haven’t Gotten Up Yet

google maps

When trying to impress the Google employees driving a Street View car, be sure to watch where you’re going, otherwise your fall may end up for the world to see. Yes, from beginning to end.

4. Spider-Man in Plain Clothes

No, the audition for Spider-Man 4 doesn’t involve trying to break and enter a home in plain clothes. On the bright side, this person will have something for both the cops and potential casting directors to see.

3. How Dare You Not Open

google maps

In case of misplaced keys, don’t try kicking the door in when it doesn’t respond to “open sesame”. Hey, at least the anonymous lady is world famous now.

2. Role Playing

Know role players looking to make it big? Here are two that were caught staging a 17th century sword fight, complete with costumes and weapons.

1. My Imaginary Friend

google maps

It’s probably not the smartest idea to be riding your own bike while stealing another simultaneously, as the “imaginary friend” joke can only go so far, especially with law enforcement officials.