To Whoever is GETTING Downrated…

a - to whoever is getting downrated...

Seriously. Yeah, we ALL know (through the numerous posts of members bitching about it) that there are people downrating peoples posts. Who cares? This site isn’t about who gets the most points. There isn’t a prize to win if you’re number one. This site was made to SHARE stuff.

And no, we don’t want you sharing about how pissed off you are because someone thinks its funny you’re getting pissed because your worthless virtual points are gone.

The internet is a cruel cruel place. Posting MORE worthless posts bitching about it is only going to make them laugh at you and do it more. This will get fixed soon. I recently talked to Paul and Darius. They are doing something to fix it. So stop complaining, have patience, and it will all work out.

And please, stop wasting bandwidth with the 19 other posts complaining about this.

And to PROVE how I don’t care about all this point hoopla, I’ll give ALL the points this post gets to Paul and Darius, since I know they really don’t care about them either.