Thoughts and events of 2013

I'll start us off with the classic 2013 Harlem Shake fad. Very weird topic and I don't really understand how it was that popular on the internet. Now it's your turn, tell me what you think was an important event and what there was to it. And because I can, 1% of this goes to poopiteepoop and MissRandom.

  • peace
  • December 24, 2013, 12:59 pm
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    Got a cool new pope.
    China and Russia are posturing and being belligerent ass hats, with North Korea and Iran still being belligerent psychopaths.
    Once again the american gun debate focused too heavily on control and failed to actually make things safer, an attempt at affordable healthcare for Americans is proving to be exactly what many Americans expected (Higher costs for poor service that's become few and far between), a shut down brought on by the 2 major parties holding guns to the head of the same person demanding the other cave of they'll shoot came and ended with an appointment set up for the same time in a few months, the NSA proved that big brother is indeed watching you watch porn and is playing WOW with you but don't worry it's a matter of national security, and the government is proving itself to be as worthless as we say it is.
    Miley Cyrus molested construction equipment, we're shocked that an old school religious guys from the south isn't down with the gays, justin beiber is still an asshole, and kim kardasian popped out a crib midget with kanye west.

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    Most Definitely Obama being a total fag for yet another consecutive year.

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    hey peace, haven't seen you here for a bit(but thatmight be because i skim alot).

    so onwards, being an american there's just so many events that were important to me. the gun debates(i love my guns), obamacare(stupid idea, worse implementation), the shutdown(very stupid, there's no clear "at fault" group. it's a major clusterfu**). none of it's really good, so i dont really try to remember stuff about the year, i just push on... but that's just me.

    • December 24, 2013, 2:51 pm
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    hmm what comes to mind...

    The French sent support to counteract islamic fundamentalists in Mali, and they are still there.

    The newest prince of the UK was born.

    Finally Chavez died.

    Finally Paul Walker died (jokes).

    Shits going down in the Central African Republic.

    Thats what I can think of now, man its been a long year...

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    well... league of legends is known as an official sport so uhh yeah

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