This year’s most amazing League of Legends Cosplay outfits

If you love something, you should live it like these League of Legends fans do. Their dedication to costume creation is truly amazing, as they work day-in, day-out to create super cool representations of their favorite champions. Their commitment to dressing-up is admirable, as these costumes are stunning.

If you are interested in cosplay or League of Legends, then you should take inspiration from the works of art that are worn by the people in our gallery below.

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draven jinx cosplay league legends

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

riven cosplay

yasuo cosplay

generation ahri cosplay

valkyrie leona cosplay

valkyrie leona cosplay

ashe cosplay

jinx cosplay

leblanc cosplay

bilgewater katarina cosplay

vi cosplay lol - this year's most amazing league of legends cosplay outfits

caitlyn cosplay

soraka cosplay

Try making your own cosplay outfit next time you attend a convention, and you may even make it into one of our viral galleries!