Things you can find in a car engine

Driving a car you usually face all kind of engine malfunctions. But sometimes we can find there such unusual guests that we can be really surprised. These photos will prove that.
Note : No animal was harmed.

What are you doing in there?

rat under bonnet

Can't catch me!
rat under bonnet
RAC patrolman's surprise after discovering a RAT under bonnet of a car chewing through windscreen wiper cable
Image source : Dailymail

Baby blackbird nest found in car engine

baby blackbird nest
Car owner Maureen Morris, from Porthcrawl, was startled to discover four hungry blackbird chicks nesting in the engine of her Suzuki 4×4 ??? which she regularly drives around in.
Image source : metro

Dog in the grill of a car

dog grill car
A plucky mongrel has survived a 55 mile car journey wedged in the grill of a car.
Source : abcnews

Puppy gets stuck in car engine

trapped puppy
Credits : petspyjamas

It's really surprising how did the dog get in here?

dog car engine

6-week-old kitten survives ride in Ohio car engine compartment

kitten - things you can find in a car engine
Image source : abc15

Kitten in police car engine

kitten police car engine
A kitten has had a lucky escape after getting stuck in the engine bay of a turbo-charged police car in Sydney. stuff

16 foot python under the car bonnet

python car engine
python car engine
A terrified couple were forced to drive their car with a giant, deadly snake under the car bonnet.
Video :
Image source : Dailymail

More snakes under the car bonnet

snake car engine
snake car engine
snake car engine

Six baby squirrels rescued from a BMW

six baby squirrels rescued from bmw

bmw squirrels
We now wonder how much power did the Z4 M coupe had with the additional six squirrels under its hood and when will some peanut stations be made to fill the animals.
Image source : inautonews

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    So many animal species are interested in getting to know how engine works :D

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