Things people at uni far from home will know

University is the time when you’re supposed to discover who you really are as a person, and the further you travel from home, the better chance you have of doing so.

You’d better hope the person you discover likes train journeys.

3 Body Language Tips to Make Her Crave You

A lot of this is relevant to me, having just started going to uni in Birmingham when I live in South London, and I’m assuming it’ll apply to a lot of you out there as well.


0 - things people at uni far from home will know

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Your parents drive you to uni to drop you off, and then never appear again until you graduate

You’ve not experienced true stress until you’ve tried to drag three suitcases the length of Britain


You’ve got no choice but to become an adult and deal with your own problems

You hardly ever go home for the weekend, because you can’t face the five-hour train journey

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You silently judge anyone who went to uni really close to their hometown

There’s no way you’ll be moving back home once you graduate

No one you know from home came to the same uni as you

Bumping into someone from your general area is a rare and truly incredible occurrence

And the two of you will desperately try to name a mutual friend

You get extra-attached to your uni city and need everyone to know how great it is

Trains are a great place to get a serious amount of work done

Christmas is so exciting it’s almost like being a kid again

Your friends from home will never visit you, no matter how much they say they will

Which means you have to spend huge amounts of money going to see them instead

You really realise how amazing your parents are