The Worst Action Hero Names

mynameis1 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Sylvester Stallone in Cobra (1986)

“Crime is the disease. Meet the cure.” A strong message there, about an LAPD cop with the kind of tolerance threshold for criminal activity that would make scrumping a capital offence. With his black t-shirt, sunglasses, big guns and, yes, a toothpick, he’s clearly not a man to messed with. Even if he does have a girl’s name.

mynameis2 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando (1985)

John, that’s a good, strong name. Nothing fancy about that. He definitely sounds like a guy who could get his daughter out of a spot of trouble. John Matrix? Oh dear.

mynameis3 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Chuck Norris in Hellbound (1994)

In spite of a movie poster mix-up on IMDb suggesting otherwise, this has nothing to do with Hellraiser II. So, no, you won’t be seeing Chuck bitch-slapping Pinhead, but with a name like Frank Shatter, it seems pretty likely he could if he wanted to.

mynameis4 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Steven Seagal in On Deadly Ground (1994)

This one’s just weird. Although it’s actually quite a plausible name, it just sounds made-up. Not only that, it doesn’t even have a macho ring to it, but sounds like some kind of small wood-dwelling mammal, albeit one that could break your nuts with one punch.

mynameis5 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Running Man (1987)

Okay, bear with us on this one. Sure, Ben Richards doesn’t sound all that exotic. He sounds like the kind of guy you could have gone to school with. You might even be called Ben Richards yourself. However, we’re willing to bet you aren’t Austrian.

mynameis6 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Jason Statham in Crank (2006)

Although a relative newcomer to the action movie scene, Mr Statham can nevertheless make a pretty good claim for the most ridiculous/awesome action hero name of all time. It’s got everything: alliteration, assonance, a stupid Christian name and a surname that appears to be totally inappropriate to the actor’s ethnicity. It’s so brilliant, we wish we could lick it.

mynameis7 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Sylvester Stallone in Paradise Alley (1978)

Another one from Sly, and this time one that uses a great bit of alliteration. We had absolutely no interest in watching this movie before, but now we know there’s a character called Cosmo Carboni in it… Well, we still don’t want to watch it, but fucking hell, that’s an awesome name.

mynameis8 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Vin Diesel in xXx (2002)

You can almost see the producers sitting around a table and thinking this one up. We assume Xander was chosen because it sounds a bit trendy and, most importantly, it begins with an ‘X’. As for ‘Cage’, well, clearly it’s in honour of Nicolas Cage, or, at least, it should be.

mynameis9 - the worst action hero names

Played by: Tommy Morrison in Rocky V (1990)

He may not have been the hero, but he can at least take comfort in the fact that he had the most stupid name of any character in the Rocky series.

mynameis10 - the worst action hero names

To finish off, we’ll leave you with The Expendables, which is so shameless in its doling out of ridiculous names that it deserves its own section:

Jason Statham – Lee Christmas

Jet Li – Ying Yang (both stupid and ever so slightly racist)

Dolph Lundgren – Gunner Jenson

Randy Couture – Toll Road (eh?)

Steve Austin – Paine

Terry Crews – Hale Caesar

Mickey Rourke – Tool (just sounds like an insult)