The World’s Best Universities

In no particular order…


Founded: 1707
Number of Students: 11,593
Cost: $26,900 p/a
Location: New Haven, Conneticut, USA.
Net Worth: £10.6 billion
Motto: Lux et veritas (Latin, light and truth).
Campus Size: 837 acres

yale - the world's best universities

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Founded: 1910
Number of Students: 305,969
Cost: £1,250 p/a
Location: Mexico City, Mexico.
Net Worth: £11.4 billion
Motto: The spirit shall break through my race.
Campus Size: 1,804 acres

national university mexico

Peking University

Founded: 1898
Number of Students: 30,128
Cost: £4,400
Location: Beijing, China.
Net Worth: £2.3 billion
Motto: N/A
Campus Size: 675 acres

peking university

Oxford University

Founded: 1096
Number of Students: 20,330
Cost: £3,000 p/a
Location: Oxford, England, UK.
Net Worth: £3.0 billion
Motto: Dominus illuminatio mea (Latin, the Lord is my light).
Campus Size: 487 acres

oxford - the world's best universities

Complutense University of Madrid

Founded: 1293
Number of Students: 85,771
Cost: £15,700 p/a
Location: Madrid, Spain.
Net Worth: £4.6 billion
Motto: N/A
Campus Size: 1,698 acres

madrid university