The Truth or Dare Game

Ok so it’s been a while that I haven’t posted
I’ve been very busy and I totally miss you guys commenting and interacting so let’s play a game that will assure a lot of you will be leaving so many messages here and having fun

you’ve all been playing truth and dare
so who’s in?

How to play:

-Leave a comment with your question or dare in the replies and wait for the answer


-Every sharenator member is allowed to leave ONE question or dare
-If you want to post ANOTHER question or dare then make sure your first question or dare has been replied to by atleast ONE person
-Any number of sharenators can comment on the same question or dare
-No stupid answers please XD
-If you choose to go for a dare.. then PICS or it never happened
-You can choose which questions to answer and which to ignore
and that applies to me as well.. keep it fair and decent guys XD

HAVE FUN.. the sky is you limit

P.S. I am not sure if this has been done before but if it was.. then let’s do it again XD
i left a comment for you guys as a start