The Truth About Iraq

Well many people say that President Bush lied to us about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Well he didn’t. Evidence was there and here is some of it.

US Soldiers stormed into a warehouse in Mosul, Iraq, on August 8, 2005. They were surprised to find 1,500 gallons of chemical agents.

Source: Ellen Knickmeyer, “Iraqi chemical stash uncovered,” Washington Post, August 14, 2005.

In December 1998, when U.N. weapons inspector Dr. Richard Spertzel became exasperated by Iraqi evasions and misrepresentations, he confronted Dr. Rihab Taha, the woman the Iraqis identified as the head of their biological weapons program and asked her directly, “You know that we know you are lying. So why do you do it?” She straightened herself up and replied, “Dr. Spertzel, it’s not a lie when you are ordered to lie.”


The US has revealed that it removed more than 1.7 metric tons of radioactive material from Iraq in a secret operation last month.

“This operation was a major achievement,” said US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham in a statement.

He said it would keep “potentially dangerous nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists”.

Along with 1.77 tons of enriched uranium, about 1,000 “highly radioactive sources” were also removed.

The material was taken from a former nuclear research facility on 23 June, after being packaged by 20 experts from the US Energy Department’s secret laboratories.

It was flown out of the country aboard a military plane in a joint operation with the Department of Defense, and is being stored temporarily at a Department of Energy facility.

The United Nations nuclear watchdog – the International Atomic Energy Agency – and Iraqi officials were informed ahead of the operation, which happened ahead of the 28 June handover of sovereignty.


Also here is evidence that some WMD’s were transported to Syria.

(I don’t want to paste the entire article but I will source it.)

The #2 man in Saddam’s Air Force said, “Weapons of mass destruction were moved to Syria.”


The WMD’s might have been moved from Iraq.