The Toilet Theory (Triple T)

I’m back! (Who cares?!) So after a long long time of not being online I decided to make a theory of the toilet and what we do in it. If you already feel disgusted by it then leave. But I idiotically put a lot of thinking towards this. I kinda want Sharenator to know my theory and to add there on suggestions and to help out so we can confirm this. This is probably the worst theory in the world but here we go.

So the theory is “How to know the size of our poops without looking.” So this is what I think. We can tell by the splash. So you might be thinking “Oh that’s stupid 6DIG6, the splash means it’s big! What a loser!” Well that’s not fully right. You see small poops have a longer way to go to the water and by applying gravity into the equation is also gonna have an effect to it. So I made an equation. . . W+D+G=S. This means Weight + Distance + Gravity = Splash. So when it’s big it’s gonna have a small distance, little force because it’s close to contact with water, but big weight but will not have a full effect to make a big splash. The only flaw I see here is that when the big one flops sideways and adds the force and distance and causes the splash. So it’s not 100% correct so that’s why I need Sharenators help to at least get it to 95% correct. Cause I think I only got 70 – 75% correct so yeah. I don’t really want +3. It’ll be cool like you know I know that people think what I had was good but I really want is comments on my theory. What’s the point of getting +3 or +2 or +1 when I hardly get on Sharenator anymore. Oh and one of my favorites posters quit I think, MalverdeAl100. He was one of the people to confirm me to stay on Sharenator and that’s sad for me to see a motivation go away. So yeah. . . Comment away.