The Next Video Game Controller? Piss!

piss screen

Ah, good old German ingenuity. Problem: people go to bars and drive home drunk. Solution: create a video game that will let the player know they are too drunk to drive. But how do you make sure people play it? Put it in the pisser of course. (Insert Wii joke here…)

The twisted geniuses at SAATCHI & SAATCHI in Frankfurt have created a system called the Piss Screen which allows men to play a car racing game by pissing on buttons installed in a urinal. If you crash the car a message appears on the screen asking if you’re too drunk to drive. Then the phone number of a local cab company comes up. These folks officially qualify as ad wizards for this one.

What’s the game like? Apparently it’s a knock off of the Need for Speed series. Their blog sums it up:

The Game Design is pretty simple, you can only drive to the left an the right by pissing on the corresponding sensor. If your reaction is too slow, the car will crash in the oncoming traffic and a video sequence of an accident is displayed. After the crash you get the message: “Too pissed to drive? Take a Taxi instead! Call: 069-733030”

piss screen
piss screen

Here’s the introductory video explaining how it works: