The LOLCat Bible Translation Project

The LOLCat Bible Translation Project is a wiki-based website set up in July 2007 by Martin Grondin, where editors aim to parody the entire Bible in “LOLspeak”, the slang popularized by the LOLcat Internet phenomenon. The project relies on contributors to adapt passages. As of March 27, 2008, approximately 61% of the text had been adapted, and Grondin had stated that he hopes the entire New Testament will be complete by the end of 2008. In the process of adaptation, various changes are being made to the source material, for example, changing the main characters to cats, Jesus Christ as “Happy Cat,” God as the “Ceiling Cat,” and Satan as the “Basement Cat,” while the “gifts” and “blessings” of God have become “cheezburgerz”. General people have become “kittehs.” The style of writing employed varies, but the most devoted contributors have been described as those who utilize as many gags and themes used in the different lolcat images.

The project has been praised by Ben Huh, owner of the website that popularized lolcats,, who stated that the LOLCat Bible has inspired other religious texts to be translated into LOLspeak, such as the Qur’an, and that it has made clear that “the ability to publish is now open to anyone”.

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As of January 2010, the LOLCat Bible is available in book form. Selected stories have been printed, such as the story of the creating of the earth, the story of Adam and Eve, and the story of Noah.

LOLCat Bible Website:

(You’ll find the LOLCat bible itself and/or the option to buy it as a book on Amazon if you follow the link above.)