The Diary of a Demented Kid

well ive been told over and over that im “sick” “twisted” and “not normal” oh well, i will leave that up to you guys, below is a poetry entry, and you guys can deside.

She has been gone for a while.
I’m starting to worry.
She always goes out without telling anyone

I got in my car and start driving
I expect that she is in our old camping spot
You should really see it
The lake shimmers in the light of the moon
Not a sound from any living creature
No moving branches,
the stars glow like the diamond on her left ring finger
Yes, we are going to get married,
Our parents don’t know,
We are only 16

I start the long drive,
I keep the hi-beams on,
In case I see her on the road
My breath is normal,
The only thought threw my head is
“She seems so distant lately,
She hardly ever eats,
She never sleeps”
But I throw that thought out of my head

I can see the entrance to out camping spot
I get out, I smile softly
But I don’t know why
I see a small flame by the shore,
My smile grows bigger

After a short hike,
I see something, in the trees,
It looks like its tied up,
I figure that its food
Tied in a tree so the ants don’t get it,
I walk into the camp, I don’t see her,
My foot lands in something wet,
I look down,
That crimson color,
I feel something wet land on my cheek
I look up
Now I know what was tied in the tree,
It’s her…..

I fall to my knees
And I let out a scream “NOOOO!”
Then the air was silent,
The only sound was her blood dripping,
I climb the tree, I cut her limp body down,
It lands with a dull, lifeless thud,
I climb down to be with her,
I can see her wrists,
Still, like a burning iron in the back of my mind,
I wipe the blood off with my shirt,
I can’t let my baby look like that
Her eyes have glazed over,
And her skin has turned cold,
I softly kiss her,
Not wanting my loved one to go
I stand up,
Her in my arms, I walk to the lake,
I start to bathe her
Like a mother would bathe her child
I softly touch her neck,
The white skin wrapped around a purple burse
I wanted to be with her all through the night,
Hold her
Touch her
Have her be mine,
But now that can never be