The Day /b/ Made Me Cry

I honestly can’t remember the last time I cried, since I saw my dad get beat down by cops when I was 7. When I started to live with my aunt I used to miss my dad so much I used to just cry as if I had seen him dead in front of me.
Since then I can’t recall crying ever since….& today I can’t believe /b/ made me cry, I started going to /b/ about a week ago & now I see y a lot of people hate “that” site. I saw so many things I could have gone my entire life without knowing of their existence.

But there was this post today on /b/.
I forgot wat it was called & it got 404’d I was hoping to read more…

bs brother - the day /b/ made me cry
pokemon - the day /b/ made me cry
dad - the day /b/ made me cry

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dog2 - the day /b/ made me cry

dog4 - the day /b/ made me cry

dog5 - the day /b/ made me cry

dog7 - the day /b/ made me cry

dog9 - the day /b/ made me cry
thats game
my fetish - the day /b/ made me cry

I just wish it didn’t 404 so I could have more.