The Crowd-Sourced Debate Post: Week 1 [Gun Control]

Trying something new here, so bear with me, credits go to those who used to debate appropriately on the site that stand out in my mind : ).

Obviously, people on Sharenator have differing opinions about things, especially with regard to politics, religion, and other controversial topics. There is a want to discuss them. However, this want often translates into angry discussion, abusive downrating, personal attacks, and more negative results. Some of which I am guilty of myself.

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So, to move on from that, and to get back to what the Sharenator debate culture used to be, I need the community’s help! In order for a true debate/discussion to be had, we must keep every post at +1, the default, preserving the order of discussion and preventing anyone’s opinion from being censored due to downrate. My requests from those who post here:
Do not downrate or uprate anyone else’s posts: let their words speak for themselves.

If you see a post at any rating other than +1, as long as that post is not spam or overly offensive (or a TOS violation), up or downrate it so it reaches a +1 equilibrium. We have enough sensible people on here that we should be able to keep an entire conversation at “+1” so we can have a legitimate discussion that others can follow.

Make sensible posts, and back up your opinions with facts (be able to source facts upon request)

Personal attacks are not arguments

Memes are not arguments
It’s my belief that following these simple guidelines should have a positive impact on whatever discussion follows.

FIRST TOPIC: Gun Control, in the US or elsewhere. This seems to be an apparent, current issue, so discussing it seems sensible. Next week there will be a new topic, if this goes well.

DISCLAIMER: There are some I no longer engage with on Sharenator, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should refrain from engaging with people. Have the best discussion you can!

(Tldr: Talk about gun control, keep all posts at +1)