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Katie M: Hi! How can I help you?

Ninja: Hi Katie M.

Katie M: Hello. How may I help you?

Ninja: I would like to buy a Camaro with a paintjob just like Bumblebee.

Katie M: We have a transformers addition package that you can add to the Camaro to make it look very similar to the Bumblebee vehicle in the Transformers movie.

Ninja: Sweet! How much is that cuz I want Bumblebee.

Katie M: The package includes unique Transformers Rally Stripe in Black, Autobot shield wheel center caps, Transformers sill plates, Autobot shield embroidery on center console armrest and Autobot shield exterior badging and Requires Rally Yellow exterior color.
Katie M: The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for this option package is $995. Since it is an option package, the price of the model, other available options, DFC, tax, titles and other fees, would have to be combined to determine a specific vehicle price. An updated 2010 Camaro Price Schedule, reflecting the price of the TRANSFORMERS Special Edition Option Package is available on Pricing should be available in the various order configurator systems in the near future.

Ninja: Does Bumblebee have spinners?

Katie M: I am sorry, the transformers special addition package does not have spinners.

Ninja: Can you customize it to have Spinners?

Katie M: You could do that after market through a third party, but not from the factory.

Ninja: *sigh*

Katie M: May I assist you with anything else today?

Ninja: You can assist me by giving Bumblebee spinners. But that’s

Katie M: No, I am sorry, that option is not available.