The Big 3?

Ok, this may be a repost (I didn’t see anything when I checked), but I would like to ask a few questions about these mangas/anime.

First of, out of these three, which was your first watching/reading?

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Second, which are you currently watching/reading?

Third, which is your favorite?

Fourth, who is your favorite character? And why?

Fifth, what are you looking forward to in the upcoming event?

Sixth, any other anime/manga worth reading?

So my answers go as such:

1. Bleach

bleach live action movie

Turn Her On Without Saying a Single Word

2. Bleach and Naruto

bleach - the big 3?

3. Bleach (Sorry I may be a little bias)

4. Zaraki Kenpachi, total badass? I think so.

5. The ninja war in Naruto

dnaruto sleepyfans

6. Beelzebub

290px beel - the big 3?