The art of hiding alcohol in plain view.

These are my tips and tricks to drinking in public without anyone being the wiser.
1. Fill a Dr. Pepper container with Jager Bombs.
2. Vodka + water bottle = drunk in public
3. Flasks make winter activities just a little warmer.
4. Cover up those beer cans with a harmless looking soda can, and for you’re larger cans most energy drink cans will work.

5. Triple sec mixed with orange soda
6. Pour your favorite whiskey or scotch in a root beer bottle
7. Pour your drink of choice into a camel back and be a booze camel in a dry country.
8. Mix various flavored vodkas into your sports drinks.
I will be adding more as I think of them and feel free to submit your own. Happy drinking.
9. Move to a normal country where you can drink whatever you want whenever you want where you want. (Vans)

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