The 6 Best Nerd Movies That the Academy Snubbed

Say what you will about the legitimacy of the Academy Awards, one thing’s for sure: nerds just love to bitch about them. It’s tough to find a discussion about the Oscars on the internet that isn’t infiltrated by at least one nerd complaining that the latest Stargate straight-to-DVD movie wasn’t nominated for Best Picture or how Serenity was snubbed by the Academy. Usually they’re wrong, hyping up mediocre genre crap as though it’s automatically better than whatever the Academy has selected because there are spaceships or laser guns or aliens.

But this year, the nerds actually have a point – there’s no reason The Dark Knight didn’t at least get nominated for Best Picture. It was a giant, unprecedented smash at the box office, critics were almost unanimously in love with it, and it featured one of the most memorable performances in a generation. It also happened to have Batman in it, which is presumably why it didn’t get the nod. As easy as it is to brush off nerd complaints about the Academy’s selections, it turns out they have failed to recognize a fair number of great sci-fi and fantasy movies that at least deserved a Best Picture nomination, and in some cases, even a win.

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