The world cup in gifs

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Scolari looking at Dante and David Luiz like

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Everyone told Van Gaal that he was wrong to bring on Krul but he be like

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When Julio Cesar was asked if he would save a shot


Watching Rodriguez as a fan of a nation other than Colombia

A pretty accurate representation of everything Fred did at this world cup
While watching Netherland play their hipster formation

Brazil be trying to hide their embarrassment like

Netherlands were happily playing against Australia, and then Cahill comes along

Watching nations you don’t support go out

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When Rodriguez scored that volley

When penalties came on

Trying to get past Ochoa and thinking

Tim Howard to Belgium be like

Watching Gerrard assisting Suarez AGAIN

When someone suggested to Hodgson that he should play Rooney in his preferred positions

Germany let Brazil have 11 minutes of hope and then

Looking at the Germany Brazil score and thinking your eyes are deceiving you

Looking at the Brazil defence like
Löw after the Brazil game be like

Netherlands v Spain in a nutshell

This is how I imagine Germany celebrated

And this is how Muller likes to celebrate
Explaining most of the World Cup in ten seconds

Some say what Germany did to Brazil was harsh; this is how I imagine the German train of thought went like
Watching Brazil score an own goal 11 minutes in to the first game

After the RvP header

When asked who I wanted to win in games I don’t care about

Argentina to Higuain be like

Messi winning another award he didn’t deserve

Summarise Germany in a gif you say?

This is just a series of rather intimate gifs with Müller and Schweinsteiger
The guy that was told to go mark Messi (who isn’t German)

When Colombia heard that Suarez couldn’t play

When Brazil found out Neymar couldn’t play
When * whoever you support * went through

Watching Suarez bite another victim

Casillas’ tournament in a nutshell

Miroslav Klose. All time world cup goalscorer, still scared of girls

yivp6s3 - the world cup in gifs

The Scandinavian performances