The Most Ridiculously Expensive Every Day Items

It’s hard not to be driven crazy by the fact that there are people in the world that can actually afford to buy these things..

cup coffee

A cop of coffee for a few hundred bucks

Kopi luwak is one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. You can buy a pound for $100-600 USD. Their speciality is the Vietnamese weasel coffee, which cost $3,000 USD per kg.

expensive skateboard

The $8,250 Skateboards from Louis Vuitton

For $8,250 you can probably get more fun things than a skateboard, however, if you’re really into skateboarding, why not invest in this Stepher Sprouse collection? Together with this fashion collection, they also launched 70 t-shirts which retailed for $250 each.

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gold toilet paper

22 Carat Gold Toilet Paper

This 22 carat gold toilet paper rolls… $1.3 Million US dollars for a single roll. This is the most expensive disposable toilet paper in the world. If you’ve got too much money, why not wipe your burm with it instead? This is sold by The Toilet Paper Man of Australia.
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million dollar iphone

The Million Dollar iPhone 5S Case

Ever wondered which one is the most expensive iPhone case? Here is the special gold edition iPhone 5S case, built by London-based jewelry firm Alchemist. The extraordinary, luxury and flawless case you could only dream about. This case is covered in 24 carat gold bezel and holds over 700 diamonds. You will still be able to see the Apple logo on the iPhone’s back, together with 53 pieces of diamonds so you won’t have to worry about having a case covering your beautiful Apple brand logo. Also, the home navigation button is covered in 24 carat gold, and 2 diamond carat cuts into the center. Beautiful. This company also sold the most expensive handset in the world for $1 Million USD.
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top gear bottle opener

The Top Gear Bottle Opener $194

To impress your dinner guests, why not buy this bottle opener by Nendo? This bolt-like kitchen accessory can stand upright for easy storage, and also open bottles quickly by hooking, pushing or pulling. Nice, right?
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neorest toilet

Toto Neorest Toilet – $3,776 USD

As a king in a castle, you have to know that the most valued possession is your throne. If you could and had the money, wouldn’t you also want to have a toilet that will open, close and flush automatically?
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most expensive beer

Beer: $800 – $1,815 per bottle Antarctic Nail Ale

The title of “World’s Most Expensive Beer” shifted from Scotland to Australia last night where a single bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale sold for $800. It was sold as part of an auction benefiting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society — and made from Antarctic ice brought back from their last anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean.

expensive chess set

Most Expensive Chess Set $9.8 Million

This is the most expensive chess set in the world, named the “Royal Diamond Chess Set” — Included with diamonds, pearls, and platinum to the design. This is a high class luxury Diamond chess set created by the French artist and master of Jewelry, Bernard Maquin.
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most expensive water bottle

World’s Most Expensive Water Bottle

According to Guinness World Records, this was the most expensive bottle of water sold at auction ever. $60,000 US dollars at an auction on 4th March, 2010. $60,000 US dollars per 750 ml.
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million fishing lure

$1 Million Fishing Lure

This will get you hook, line, and sinker. Three pounds (!) of gold, platinum, diamonds and rubies. 4,573 stones in all with 100 carates of diamonds. This 12″ long Big Game Lure is surely one of a kind. MacDaddy makes all kinds of jeweled lures, including solid gold flies with diamonds for eyes, gold plated spoons with diamond designs, and much more. If you are gutsy enough you can fish with them. But they also would make a great piece of jewelry for the fisherman that likes to show his flash.
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crocodile skin umbrella

Crocodile Skin Umbrella for $50000

Made of high quality and, shockingly, water resistant crocodile skin, this umbrella will certainly help you stand out in a crowd. Just to make the umbrella more exclusive, Briatore and Galasso have made sure that each one is full of individual details. Best of all, the crocodile skin most likely guarantees that the umbrella won’t turn inside out on a windy day.
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zafirro iridium razor

Zafiro Iridium Razor for $100,000

This insanely-expensive razor is also insanely advanced, featuring a handle made from pure iridium — which is mainly derived from meteorites — particle-sharpened solid white sapphire blades with edges that are less than 100 atoms across — roughly 5,000 times thinner than a human hair — and pure platinum screws to hold the whole thing together. Limited to just 99 razors, although we suspect they may have trouble finding that many buyers.
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gold shirt

Would you spend $250,000 on a Gold shirt?

This was the most expensive shirt in the world. It took 15 days and 16 people to create this 3.3kg (about 7lb) shirt.
“Some people ask me why I’m wearing so much gold but it was my dream. People have different aspirations. Some elite people want to own an Audi or Mercedes, and have big cars. I chose gold,” he explains.
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most expensive popcorn

Would you want to try the world’s most expensive popcorn in the world?

This is said to be the only billion dollar popcorn in the world. We all know that cinema popcorn tend to be too expensive, but this is unbelievable. This is $250 for a gallon and $500 for 2 gallons. Would you want to try it?
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most expensive pencil

Would you buy a pencil for $8 Million?

This is the most expensive pen in the world: “The Fulgor Nocturnus” by the famous pen-makers Tibaldi of Florence. Sold at an auction in 2010 for the unbelievable number $8 million usd! What’s so special with it? Maybe the nice fashion look, perhaps the fact that it was a big auction with too many rich people in the same room, or maybe the 945 decorated black diamonds and 123 rubies.
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most expensive hot dog

Hot dog: $2,300 230 FIFTH dog

Just when you thought the world of hot dogs couldn’t get any crazier, New York City rooftop lounge 230 FIFTH ups the stakes, creating a hot dog priced at $2,300.

most expensive sunglasses

Chopard’s world’s most expensive sunglasses cost $408,496

The sunglasses are made of 60 grams of 24 carat gold and decorated with 51 full-cut 4 carat River diamonds, sporting Chopard’s famous “C” logo engraved on arms of the glasses. The exact retail price continues to remain under wraps, reports claim it as the most expensive in the world 1.5m AED ( approx. $400,000 ).
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most expensive alcohol

Alcohol: $2 million Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

The national Mexican drink of Tequila has been elevated to international distinction by Tequila Ley .925 who earned the Guinness World Record for the Most Expensive Liquor Bottle in the World.

most expensive socks

Socks: $3,300 Vicuna socks

Bet you’re wondering which are the most expensive socks in the world!It’s so difficult to decide what to get for your loved ones for the holidays . You don’t have to worry now, because a new luxury knitwear brand from Germany called Falke is selling these days pairs of socks that happen to be the most expensive ever made in this world.
These socks will be sold for $1,188 because they are made of Vicuna. This fabric is made from the ultra fine hair of the Peruvian Vicuna and it is so rare and expensive at the same time. This explains why just 10 pairs of socks are available for sale.
The socks have been made alongside 20 pullovers with the same Vicuna fabric. Each of pullovers costs $3,300. Because socks are a Christmas stocking staple, Falke is looking to capture the high-end festive season shopper looking for one of the most luxurious and unique gifts.
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oland iten belt buckle

Roland Iten Belt Buckle – $25,000

It’s not surprising that this belt buckle by Roland Iten is Swiss made because it’s just as expensive and complicated as most watches from Switzerland. It’s not just expensive because it’s made of solid gold, but because it’s a “hi-precision” mechanical belt that takes 9-10 months to create.

luxury bullets

Luxury Bullets

If all bullets cost $3000 a pop there’d be a lot less violence in the world. And if you managed to survive getting shot not only would you be lucky to be alive, but you’d be rich. Bullet Forge designed 9mm bullets made from white gold and diamonds and a 45 ACP hollow-point made of white gold with 90 diamonds around an amethyst. You can wear them as a necklace as a statement against violence… oh wait, they’re covered in diamonds so never mind.

intimidator pool cue

The Intimidator Pool Cue – $150,000

No, this isn’t some nerdy D&D weapon or replica LOTR crap—it’s the most bad-ass pool cue ever made. Appropriately named “The Intimidator” this pool cue features four bladed wings that you wouldn’t want to get anywhere near your felt, or anything else for that matter. Made from a solid piece of stainless steel and a genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere, this crazy cue took over 1800 hours to craft and engrave.

most expensive computer mouse

World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse – $26,730

Wouldn’t mousing with 59 diamonds against your palm hurt? This is not only the world’s most expensive computer mouse, but the world’s most useless computer mouse.
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gold playstation

22k Gold Playstation 3 – $323,000

A regular PS3 could have made it on this list back when it was still $600, but now it’s actually attainable. Of course if you want to show off how 1337 you are, you’ll get the one covered in 22k gold and covered in 58 diamonds.
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rubiks cube

Zontik Rubik’s Cube – $115

Yeah, $115 is a lot for a Rubik’s cube, but you know it would look damn good on your desk. Just so you know, it’s not for “speed cubing” so much as it’s for making your coworkers feel inferior because you have the shiniest desk toys.
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martini rock

Martini on the Rock – $10,000

No, the appletini isn’t the girliest martini money can buy… it’s the diamond-tini. Served at the Blue Bar in the Algonqiun Hotel in NYC on a silver platter, the Martini on the Rock is made with four parts gin, one part vermouth and one part diamond engagement ring.
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panama straw hat

Montecristi Panama Straw Hat – $100,000

Made from extremely fine toquilla straw, and known simply as “The Hat” it takes five full months to create. The nickname makes sense for a $100,000 hat… “Honey, where’s my hat?” “Which hat?” “Are you f**king kidding me? THE hat!”

gold stool

Solid Gold Stool – $1.3 Million

Unlike your ex-girlfriend, we ain’t lying when we say this stool weighs 110 lbs. It’s so heavy because it’s made from solid gold. Also like your ex-girlfriend, it ain’t cheap either—it costs $1.3 million dollars.
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diamond encrusted bluetooth headset

Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset for 50,000

Got $50,000 spare? Thought you had. Well Plantronics is hoping you do for the launch of a limited edition gold and diamond encrusted Bluetooth headset for the hands free phone user who has everything.
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diamond dog collar

Diamond dog collar for $3.2 million

If you feel like your dog hasn’t been pampered enough, then I Love Dogs Diamonds has a collar for you : from the I Love Dogs La Collection de Bijoux, Amour Amour is the world’s most expensive dog collar with the price tag of $3.2 million.
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diamond laptop sleeve

Diamond Laptop Sleeve for $11 Million

Dutch designer brand Coverbee, has introduced what could easily be the world’s most expensive laptop sleeve, with a price tag of $11 million! Featuring the artwork of placing 8,800 individually selected and crafted diamonds, the casing happens to also use Siberian saber fur at its opening, which just might not click with animal lovers, but will sure score high as a collector’s item and a favorite toy of the fashionistas. Almost like what the hip-hop gang and red carpet hoppers were vouching for!
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