Some happy moments of the German victory

I support their team on all international championships. I'm not from Germany, still proud of them, and I imagine how proud German people are. The victory of their national team became such a gladness for all its fans worldwide.
Words can't describe it, let us better take a look at their happy faces.

Basti is one of the heroes of the match. He stayed till the end despite his face was bleeding.
fussball bastianschweinsteiger obsession

fussball bastianschweinsteiger obsession

Manuel Neuer won Golden Glove for being the best goalkeeper of the World Cup.

fussball addictedtoliverpool

Poldi & Schweini.

Lucas Podolski brought his son Louis on to the pitch to celebrate with Joachim Löw and the team.

Match winner Mario Götze shares a high five with small Louis.
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They did a great job together!
fussball footballworldwide

fussball footballworldwide

fussball bastianschweinsteiger obsession

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    Whether you're German or not, you would still appreciate the sheer joy these players are feeling, and the real pain they faced to make it happen (unless you're Argentinian)

    Players like Schweinstiger, Klose, Lahm, all top quality players who will probably never have another chance to do this, and so it is truly amazing that they have done it!
    Also it's a bit more amazing for me since I am German :P But i'll make a post or two about the tournament in the coming days, once i've calmed down a bit and properly woken up from this surreal dream

    oh by the way, you say you're not German but you support Germany; where are you from, if i might ask?

    I'm from Russia. I guess Russian national team is so unlucky because it lacks almost everything Bundesteam has, and first of all being a real solid Team. I wish Russian national team would be as good as German one, but it seems to be impossible.

    Thank you for such a good reply, looking forward to seeing your World Cup posts soon!
    - JohnDorian July 14, 2014, 10:37 pm
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    I'm Dutch so I had a long way of supporting my own country. I'm really happy Germany won though. They were the best team and it's still a victory for Europe!

    • slysje
    • July 14, 2014, 8:01 am
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