The Earth as You have never Seen it Before

Despite the fact that people have been going into space for over 50 years, there are still only a handful of people who have been able to go there. Almost every astronaut says that their favourite thing about space travel is being able to see the world from above, and seeing normal things (like the weather) from a completely different perspective.

Some of these astronauts have been able to take absolutely stunning photos of what they can see. Take a look at these amazing pictures from space to help to give you a different impression of the world that we live in.

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Blizzard 2016

1 blizzard 2016 - the earth as you have never seen it before

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Hurricane Patricia 2015

hurricane patricia

Hurricane Joaquin 2015

Dust Storm in the Red Sea 2015

dust storm red sea

Dust Storm of Gobi Desert 2015

Aurora Solar Storm 2015

Aurora Solar Storm 2016

aurora solar storm

Thunderstorm over Italy 2015

Lightning and Aurora 2016

lightning aurora

Rare Thunder Snowstorm 2016